Why does one go on neykor?

When one visits, lives and practices in such a place, the practice becomes greater in power and the blessings and attainment one is seeking comes faster. That is why one goes for neykor to be associated with such power spots, to connect oneself to the prayers made by previous enlightened masters who have blessed those places. Nyekor, thus, combines spiritual practice with the act of being in direct contact with nature.

If one wants to create a connection with Guru Rinpoche, one must visit Taktshang or Kurjey because he had blessed those places; he has made prayers that those who visit the places become connected to him. He had blessed these places to be very conducive to spiritual practices. He had prayed that those who come in contact with these places eventually reach enlightenment.

The whole point of going on neykor is to be expedite one’s spiritual journey through the physical journey along a powerful place. One’s internal transformation happens more swiftly and more powerfully through association with the power spots. One goes on neykor to purify oneself from negative tendencies, overcome vices and accumulate merit. The power of the nye helps one to intensify the process of purification.

What should one think during a neykor?

One should constantly be in the awareness of the deity or the lama that is associated with the nye. One should also, as one walks and takes steps think that one is taking a step towards enlightenment. As one goes up, one should think that one is going up towards nirvana or enlightenment. As one comes down, one should think that one is coming down to the world to help the sentient beings.

One should be fully aware of one’s bodily movements, one should verbally chant mantras or prayers associated with the nye or the person who started the nye, then one should mentally always think of the deity or the master associated with the nye. One must avoid polluting or exploiting the holy places by dumping waste or extracting its natural riches.

At the end of the neykor, one can dedicate the merit one has accumulated through neykor to all the sentient beings with a wish that all sentient beings connect themselves to such powerful spots and reach enlightenment ultimately.